Getting the most from your axes

This two day course will introduce the variety of different axes and their uses in and around the woods, and then working with wood.

You will learn practical tips and techniques on:

Following introductions, the group will head in the woods to look at felling and forest axes. We will practice felling trees, covering practical hand felling techniques as well as the use of billhooks and saws.

Back in the craft area we will look at splitting timber for firewood and cleaving to get materials ready for crafts use. This will include the use of splitting axes, cleaving axes and froes.

The course will cover look at how to look after your axes, including grinding and sharpening, and what to look for when buying a new or second hand axes.

We will also look at the range and use of other axes and their uses, including the carpentry axe, side axe and broad axe.

Both days will have a focus on safe and efficient techniques for using different axes.

This course is suitable for beginners and also for those with some experience using axes wanting to improve their techniques and skills.

You are welcome to bring your own axes along for advice from the team.