Cider Making for Christmas

One day course

Cider (fermented from apples) and perry (from pears) are amongst the oldest drinks produced in the UK. As world leader, Britain is the foremost cider making country in the world and has a marvellous tradition and heritage associated with the products. (Cider is the term for the first pressing with nothing added; cider is made by adding up to ten times water to the volume of apple pomage.)

This one-day course is suitable for beginners, for those interested in making cider or perry at home and for anyone with an interest in these unique, versatile and tasty products.

Course content:

During the day, you will: process a mix of apples [Crab, Cookers, Eaters etc] that are not too old, in order to produce juice. They can be misshapen, that is not a problem.

You should have a demijohn [glass or plastic] & an airlock, in which to hold the juice

Please Note: Demijohn and Apples are not provided. Crab, Cookers Easters are the apples to get. Misshapen are good, little ones are good !] you need approximately 2 carrier bags full.