Improving Greenwood Hand Tool Skills

(One day course)

Learn how to get the best from your hand tools for greenwood crafts. This course is designed for people with some existing knowledge of hand tools, who would like to improve their skills and learn useful techniques.

We will go beyond the basic use of axe and drawknives in greenwood crafts, and cover the use of tools such as metal and wooden planes, spoke shaves, chisels, western and Japanese saws, etc.

The course will cover how to care for your tools, looking at sharpening, fettling, setting and tuning to make them work more effectively.

This course will be useful if you’re moving on from basic craft skills onto greenwood crafts that use these tools, for example for making rustic tables, stools and chairs.

Please feel free to bring along your own hand tools, new and old, for advice from our team.